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Public Deliberation Initiative Certification is a Course

Public Deliberation Initiative Certification



Full course description

Public Deliberation offers a framework for a different kind of conversation on community issues, one that changes the public discourse and promotes community problem-solving. In this online certification course, participants will receive an introduction to public deliberation and some basic deliberative facilitation skills. This course will guide participants through the process of understanding the key components of public deliberation, laying out options for collective action, and discovering how public deliberation might be helpful to use within their own community.

Course Objectives:

- Understand the nature of public problems
- Understand the deliberative model (i.e. key principles, structure, distinctions from the advocate and expert-based approaches)
- Understand why public deliberation is also an important spiritual practice
- Learn basic facilitation skills for deliberative forums (i.e. basic questions and techniques, facilitation styles, ground rules)

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