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New Parent Experience Webinar is a Course

New Parent Experience Webinar

Ended Nov 15, 2017


Full course description

Course Description: Launching Fall 2017

The New Parent Experience (NPE) webinar is a semester long, one-hour per week course for parents and families of new first-generation college students enrolled in majors offered by the College of Arts and Sciences at Baylor University. The NPE is designed to inform family members how to help their students make successful transitions to collegiate life. Topics will include, among others, partnering for academic success, parenting from a distance, and a back-stage tour of the many resources offered at Baylor University to assist students. Participants will access this webinar from their personal computer or hand-held devices. The webinar is housed in The College of Arts and Sciences, and is a collaborative effort of the following offices: Parents Network, Paul L. Foster Success Center, Campus Living & Learning and The College of Arts & Sciences.

The Leadership Team:
Lynn Wisely, Ph.D., Director, Undergraduate Enrollment Initiatives
Michelle Cohenour, Director of Student Success Initiatives, Academic Affairs
Terri Garrett, Ph.D., Associate Director for Academic Initiatives, Campus Living & Learning
Gail Offringa, Director of Parents Network, Baylor Alumni Networ
Courtney Faulkner, Assistant to the Associate Deans, College of Arts & Sciences

Date/Time Presenter(s) Session Title Session Description 
Tuesday, August 22           7 PM CST Lynn Wisely,  Gail Offringa, Chief Brad Wigtil The First Few Weeks of College This session will provide an overview of the semester and will have sections on:  Campus Safety (University Police, Title IX), college vocabulary, and most asked questions
Tuesday, August 29          7 PM CST Jeff Doyle, Terri Garrett Engage and Thrive – The Essential Guide for Both You and Your Student This session will help parents know how to support and guide their student while in college.  The media has made a big deal about “helicopter parents,” so we want to help parents know the positive effects of parent involvement in college, while also helping students to develop independence and self-advocacy skills.  
Tuesday, September 5   7 PM CST Eric Holleyman, Sinda Vanderpool  Today’s Choices Shaping Tomorrow’s Future 1. Describe Christian Scriptures and NSE as expressions of the Baylor Mission.
2. Highlight the multitude of decisions new students make in the first 2 weeks of the first semester related to community and academic progress.
3. Highlight best practices and normal adjustments associated with student success and apply to first two weeks of a student's first semester.
Tuesday, September 12   7 PM CST Jim Marsh, Burt Burleson,  Tiffany Lowe " 'Bear'ing in Mind and Soul: Psychological, Spiritual, and Communal Health" Life happens at Baylor both in and out of the classroom.  This session will cover topics such as depression, homesickness and spiritual challenges.  Parent/Guardian(s) will learn what signs to look out for and where to go if and when questions arise
Tuesday, September 19   7 PM CST Joyce Miller, Michelle Cohenour Academic Advising at Baylor This session will inform parents about the advising procedures, expectations and outcomes at Baylor.  Advisors at Baylor use a partnership approach in appreciating the importance of family support in the academic journey. They equip students to take responsibility for their educational plans and challenge them to take advantage of learning opportunities outside the classroom.   
Tuesday, September 26   7 PM CST Sally Firmin, Anna Shaw Backing your Success Different from high school, college works in a world made up of semesters, credit-hours, final exams, term papers and far fewer in class hours than high school.  This session will address these differences and how to plan one’s day to include class, study time, exercise and fun.  We will also  take a deep dive into the services provided for tutoring, accommodations, and extra help. All students need help along the way, it is critical to know this at the start of college.
Tuesday, October 3         7 PM CST Amine Qourzal Going Further with Financial Aid A deeper look at the Baylor financial aid process
Tuesday, October 10     7 PM CST Matt Burchett Understanding the Baylor Community and Traditions Baylor University is a place where we strive for a transformative experience for every student.  This session will cover how involvement at Baylor and in Waco helps your student discover more of who God designed them to be and are becoming.  Through the lens of involvement and the core traditions of the university, you can learn more about how your student can get connected and find friendship at Baylor.  
Tuesday, October 17     7 PM CST Amy Ames, Christie Walker Career & Professional Development: Helping Students Find Career Success To educate parents about Career & Professional Development so together we can prepare students for success at Baylor and Beyond. To raise awareness that CPD prepares students for graduate/professional school and career success. 
Tuesday, October 24     7 PM CST Meg Patterson, Sara Ritter Helping Your Student Be Well In our session, we will discuss the importance of wellness in student success, and how students can pursue wellness while on campus.  We will also highlight ways for students to learn resiliency and manage the demands of college.
Tuesday, November 7     7 PM CST Blake Burleson,  Betsy Vardaman  Why Go to College? College fills a gap ignored by professional training and not yet fully approachable by those mastering basic skills of reading, writing, arithmetic.  Students will learn how to communicate—written and verbal form, (2) how to solve problems –analytical skills, (3) people skills.
Tuesday, November 14  7 PM CST Lynn Wisely, Gail Offringa, & Rich Sanker  Final Week in Two Parts: (1) Healthcare interests & (2) Life After the Webinar  Many enroll to Baylor wanting to become physicians – this session will include a section highlighting the variety of careers in healthcare and how Baylor prepares students.  Secondly, as it is our last session, we will review key points from the semester and discuss how Parent/Guardian(s) can continue to be involved and participate in the Baylor community after the Webinar.  


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