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MSW Statistics Prerequisite Exam is a Course

MSW Statistics Prerequisite Exam

Time limit: 60 days

$200 Enroll

Full course description

Welcome to the Garland School of Social Work's Statistics Prerequisite Course Option! We are excited you have decided to join the GSSW and are glad you have chosen this option to prepare you for our MSW program.

To be successful in this MSW program, students must meet the statistics prerequisite by either take an approved statistics course prior to entering into the program, or you may complete this online course and pass the final exam with a C or higher. Our MSW curriculum includes an emphasis on the importance of critically appraising others' research and being able to conduct your own research to evaluate your social work practice, which is why this content is so important for you to know before starting your MSW! 

Each week's module contains a variety of PowerPoint slides and 30-45 minute video lectures. For this class, we ask that you watch all videos and feel feel free to download and print the PowerPoint slides to take notes. In some cases, YouTube videos are also included on analyzing data in Excel, which will be helpful for analyzing data in your field internship and/or your second year evaluation/research project.

This course is designed to be flexible and is set up for you to watch these videos at a pace and schedule that works for you. However, once you are granted access to this course, you will have TWO months to take the final exam - no exceptions. Please plan your schedule accordingly to ensure you can complete the course and the final exam in the allowed time.

Once you have finished the course by watching all lecture videos and reviewing the PowerPoints (which will require you logging in approximately 11.5-12 hours of time), you may complete the final exam.

We hope you enjoy this course and the opportunity to complete this prerequisite by learning from our own faculty member, Dr. Holly Oxhandler! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at