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MSW Biology Prerequisite Exam is a Course

MSW Biology Prerequisite Exam


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The Diana R. Garland  School of Social Work will allow prospective students applying to the MSW program to complete the Human Biology or equivalent prerequisite by passing a 50-question exam covering the textbook Human Physiology: An Integrated Approach (5th ed.). (See text and exam details below.)  A score of 70 or above is required in order to pass and receive credit. Students can sit for the exam twice if necessary but there is a 72-hour waiting period between exam sessions.  Students must fulfill the requirements for all prerequisites prior to attending the first class day.  


Students have 2-hours to complete exam.


Prospective students are responsible for obtaining a copy of the following text:  Silverthorn, D. U. (2010). Human Physiology: an Integrated Approach (5th ed.). New York: Pearson.  ISBN-13:  978-0-321-55980-7

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For more information regarding this exam option please contact the Graduate Admissions Coordinator by email at