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Guardianship for School Professionals is a Course

Guardianship for School Professionals

Time limit: 14 days
7.0 credits

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Full course description

For parents of special needs children approaching the age of 18, guardianship can be a scary unknown.  Parents are used to making all important decisions for their child but at age 18, that child becomes an adult in the eyes of the law.  To continue to make decisions for their child, a guardianship is needed.  For people with disabilities, guardianship is also a very scary proposition because your adult rights are removed and given to a guardian.  It is important for people with disabilities to know that guardianship does not have to be something to dread and should be tailored just to provide decision-making assistance in the areas of life needed.  This course provides an historical overview of guardianship, the legal mechanisms of establishing, modifying and terminating a guardianship, the duties of a Guardian of the Person and Guardian of the Estate, decision-making strategies used by a Guardian to ensure the best quality of life for the person with a Guardian, unique challenges for guardians in today’s world and a summary of best practices in guardianship.  School professionals will be better equipped to provide accurate information to parents of special needs children.  Social service agencies will be better equipped to provide accurate information to the persons with disabilities served.  In both cases, accurate information can alleviate fear and trepidation about guardianship if it is determined to be the best option.  (7 modules are included)