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Comprehensive Guardianship in Texas is a Course

Comprehensive Guardianship in Texas

Started Dec 11, 2019
6.0 credits

$495 Enroll

Full course description

This is a comprehensive course for professional guardians in Texas.  The course is also certified by the JBCC to substitute for the two years of experience currently required to sit for the Texas Certification Exam.  Included is a full discussion of guardianship in Texas, including an historical overview, the legal aspects of establishing, modifying and terminating a Guardianship, the duties of Guardian of the Person and Guardian of the Estate, decision-making techniques to ensure the best quality of life for the person with a Guardian, unique problems facing Guardians in today’s world, and a summary of best practices.  Also included is a discussion of Guardianship Certification in Texas with a detailed look at the Texas Estates Code, the JBCC”S Standards and Rules of Guardianship Certification, and the Code of Ethics for certified guardians.  (All 11 modules are included)