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COM07 - Preaching 1 is a Course

COM07 - Preaching 1


$250 Enroll

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This 8-week course is part of the Truett Seminary Certificate Program, and is suitable for laypeople, church leaders, and ministers of all types, including church pastors.

This course covers the preparation, writing, and delivery of sermons. It is appropriate for those who only preach occasionally, and for those who preach weekly. It is also highly recommended for all Certificate Students pursuing a Certificate of Ministry.


Without exception, Certificate Students must first take CCF01 - Biblical Interpretation.

It is also recommended that participants also first take all three of the following:

    CCF02 - Survey of the Old Testament
    CCF03 - Survey of the New Testament
    CCF04 - Introduction to Theology

For continuing education participants, it is necessary to have a had prior formal theological education (contact our office for clarity).

Textbooks Used

For this course students will require a copy of the following book:

    Robinson, Haddon. Biblical Preaching. Baker Academic, 2014.


Within the Certificate Program, this course is difficult due to the amount of reading and work.