Full course description


This 12-week course is part of the Truett Seminary Certificate Program, and is suitable for laypeople, church leaders, and ministers of all types, including church pastors.


As an overview of the Old Testament, Certificate Students will learn about the history and culture of the various time periods of the Old Testament.
This course is normally taken as the third of the Certificate Program’s six core courses. 

Without special permission, participants must first take CMP01 - Biblical Interpretation.

Textbooks Used
For this course students will require copies of the following books:

    Arnold, Bill T., and Bryan E. Beyer. Encountering the Old Testament: A Christian Survey. Baker Academic, 2015 
    Duvall, J. Scott, and J. Daniel Hays. Grasping God’s Word: A Hands-On Approach to Reading, Interpreting, and Applying the Bible. Zondervan, 2012

Within the Certificate Program, this course is difficult due to a larger than normal amount of reading.

About the Certificate of Ministry Program
The Certificate of Ministry Program (CMP) is meant to be a self-paced, distance learning program. Course work involves reading and using a variety of online and/or video resources, and then there are accessible assignments based on those materials. As a non-accredited program, academic grades and credit are not received, but quality feedback is provided for all assignments to foster effective learning and to offer encouraging motivation. Students are encouraged to participate in the online community for each course, and to pursue developing their own personal community of learning with the input of a mentor or peers.
Goals and Benefits
This program is here to shepherd you through a journey of growth in understanding and knowledge and you will have access to the a variety of resources and wisdom through the seminary community. Our goal is to help ministers and lay people of all kinds pursue knowledge, personal faith, and ministry effectiveness. In addition students become a part of the Truett Seminary community and the legacy of Truett and Baylor University.
We want our students to be equipped and confident in faith, understanding, and ministry effectiveness.